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Epicor         Epicor Components has been a supplier of industrial electronics components since 1994. In addition to our franchise lines, we focus on a select number of so called Pluslines. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and we mainly supply to Cem & Oem direct with long term schedule just-in-time deliveries.
        Key words for our company are : Empathy, Personal contact and total commitment.
Why buy from Epicor ? No nonsense, What we say = What we do, Delivery Performance, Outstanding Rohs Quality products, Just-in-time deliveries and allocated buffer-stock. Pluslines: Microchip, Xilinx, Altera, St-micro, Atmel, Nxp, Analog device, Renesas-Hitachi, Avago, Sharp display, Lineair Tech and Atmel.

Hybrid Electronics         Hybrid Electronics - Electronic Component Distributors - Over 500,000 parts, and access to over 50 million parts worldwide...a broadline of commercial, industrial, medical, automotive, and military/aerospace electronic components. Connectors, semiconductors, passive components, relays, switches, wire/ cable, hard to find, obsolete components, and much more.

Products: Connectors, Battery Holders, Power Cordsets, Headers. Manufacturers include ADAM TECH, Winchester Electronics, Times Microwave, WPI, WPI/General Connector, Viking Connectors Services: RF & Custom Cable Assembly, Wire Harness Fabrication

Invelox Micro LLC.
NTI-The Connector People
New York Semiconductor
4 Star Electronics

Asian Distributors

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European Distributors

Epicor Components
Ky Service Vstling Kb
Mushroom Components
Ormix, Ltd.
ScandComp Sweden AB
Schuricht Elektronik
Specific Components
Sino International B.V.
ST Electronics Ltd.

North American Distributors

Hybrid Electronics
Invelox Micro LLC.
NTI-The Connector People
New York Semiconductor
4 Star Electronics

All American
All Electronics Corp.
Allied Electronics
America II Electronics
American IC Exchange
Bell Industries
Bell Microproducts
BG Micro, Inc.
Blue Fin
Boca Micro Technology
Capital Electronics
Central Resources Inc.
Chip Supply, Inc.
Circuit Components, Inc.
Commodity Components
Component Distributors, Inc.
DigiKey Corp.
DR Components
Electronix Express
Eric Electronics, Inc.
Excel International
Farnell Electronics
F.C.C. (Franklin-Choi Corp.)
Future Electronics
Hybrid Electronics
IBS Electronics
I Systems
Invelox Micro LLC.
JDR Microdevices
Kentek Electronics
Leader Electronics, Inc.
Lemos International Co. Inc.
Marshall Electronics Distributors
Mentor Electronics
MidWest Components
Mission Electronics Corp.
Mitronics, Inc.
Mouser, Inc.
New York Semiconductor
NTI-The Connector People
North Atlantic Components, Inc.
NTE Electronics, Inc.
Nu Horizons Electronics
Pioneer Standard Electronics
Powell Electronics
Richardson Electronics
Richey Cypress Electronics
Rock Technology Marketing
Stacom Corp.
The Electronics Shack
Tsan Electronics Distributors
Wadsworth-Pacific Mfg. Associates
ZD Integrated
4 Star Electronics
Driveswarehouse stocks a wide variety of AC Motors and DC Motors. All products from Driveswarehouse are backed up 12 months warranty and tech. support by a company that has been in drives business over 45 years.

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